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How do the sessions run?
Book in for a morning or afternoon session. We hold sessions in different locations every month. Our photographer meets you at the location and spends 30 minutes photographing your family in a combination of formal and informal poses. If you have any requests for specific types of photos you can discuss these with your photographer at the start of the session, who will be happy to oblige.

How many people can I bring?
30 minute sessions work well for 6 people or less, including parents, kids, grandparents, other relatives, or couples. Any more than this and it can be difficult to capture a variety of poses within the allocated time period.

What if I want to book for more than 6 people?
The normal session fee covers you for a maximum of 6 people. For between 7 and 10 people we are able to accommodate there is a small extra fee for additional editing time (please contact us to arrange this). For large groups of 10 people or more, we require you to book a private session that are great for large groups, such as extended families. Or you can book 2 mini sessions in a row which allows more time for shooting and editing after the session.

Can I bring my pets?
Pets are welcome to come as long as animals are allowed at the location where the session is taking place. Some parks don't allow animals at all, some allow them but only on leash and some allow them only in certain areas of the park where the photographer may or may not be shooting. If you want to bring your pet, please contact us (use the link above) to find out more information about the location. We have photographed both cats and dogs, but other animals may be trickier.

Can I book in for a date that isn't open for bookings?
If you would like to arrange a session on a date that isn't yet open for booking or to request a specific date, please contact us to discuss organising a private session, which can take place at other times during the week.

Can I switch from the morning to the afternoon or vice versa?
If you are booked in for a session, you can only change the time if there is availability. Sometimes sessions will only go ahead in the afternoon or morning, not both, so if you want to attend on a particular date, it's best to book in when session times are open to avoid missing out.

I made a booking but I need to reschedule due to another commitment. Is this allowed?
Session dates can be changed with at least 7 days notice. If you need to reschedule less than a week before your session, a $44 rescheduling fee applies. This is because we reserve a time slot for you and your family which means no one else is able to book in at that time.

What if it rains?
In the case of rain, your photographer will give you as much notice as possible that the session is not taking place (usually at least 2 hours before your session is supposed to start). A voucher will be issued to you automatically so you can reschedule your session for a future date, without paying any administration fee. You are entitled to a full refund if it rains and you are unable to reschedule.

Please note if it starts to rain during your session, we may have to stop the session and arrange a re-shoot session for a later date. It is against our health and safety policies for our photographers to shoot in wet weather.

What if we are lost or running late on the day of the session?
If you are unable to start your session on time or have trouble locating your photographer on the day, you can call them on the phone number that is provided to you on your booking confirmation email, and they will assist you as best they can so the session can still take place. However, because other bookings will most likely be arranged after your session, we won't be able to extend your session if you arrive late.

What should we wear?
We encourage our families to wear comfortable clothes that they can sit and stand in. Block colours tend to look better in photos than prints and patterns, and coordinating colours works well too. You are welcome to bring more than one change of clothes for your children if you want to, but changing clothes is included in the 30 minute session time.

Can I bring my child's favourite toy or blanket?
Definitely! We provide a blanket for families to sit on and some toys to help kids smile and look at the camera, but please bring anything else that will help your children to feel comfortable.

How can I view my photos after the session?
We send you a link to an online gallery where you can see all of your photos and choose your 15 favourites. We provide at least 40-50 photographs from the session in the gallery (sometimes more) in a mix of colour and black and white. It can take 7-10 business days after the session for the files to be added to the gallery.

Can I choose colour or black & white for my photos?
You can choose to receive any of your images in colour or black & white with our standard package. If you want to receive your 15 images in both colour and black & white there is a small additional fee to receive the 30 images. See the booking page for the exact price.

However, if you decide to purchase your entire gallery you will receive all of your photos in both colour and black and white.

What if I want to buy all of the photos in my gallery?
15 files are included in all of our standard packages but you can purchase more if you wish, although there is no obligation. It is $30 for each digital file or $125 to receive all of the files in your gallery, which we will send to you in both colour and black and white.

How do I pay for extra photographs?
We can either charge the same account you used to make your booking (credit card, debit card or Paypal) or alternatively you can deposit the money directly into our bank account.

Can my photos be retouched?
All of the final 15 images are professionally edited before they are sent to you. We don't provide unedited files to any of our clients as the editing is part of our service and contributes to the overall quality of our images.

Our standard professional editing includes simple corrections such as removing small scars or blemishes, baby's dribble and background clutter.

However if you would like more complicated retouching, such as covering up grey hairs, removing fine lines or double chins, we do charge an additional fee of $30 hour. We can advise you on the time it will take to do retouching before we begin.

How large are the digital files?
The digital files we send to you on a USB are high resolution, print ready JPEG files that are large enough to be printed as A3 photos. If you wish to have your files in an even larger size (such as for printing a wall canvas) we can provide this for you, usually free of charge. Additional fees may apply in some circumstances, depending on the number of images you require in a larger size.

How do I receive my photos after the session?
Once you have chosen your 15 favourite photos, or if you have decided to purchase the entire gallery, the photographer will need to edit and upload the final files. It can take 2 - 3 weeks for the digital download link to be sent, depending on the number of images you are receiving and how much additional retouching is required.

We will send an email link to an online gallery with the final files, which you can then use to digitally download your photos, and then print them for your personal use. You can also use the same link to share your photos on social media, and forward on the link to other family members to download images too.

Can I purchase prints or get my images sent on a USB?
At this stage we don't offer prints or USBs as part of our packages, but we can recommend high quality printers in each state for you to use.

However you can take your photos to any printing company you like our photos are print ready, but if images are altered in any way from the format they are provided in, by yourself or another third party, we can't guarantee what the final results will be.

Can I share my photos on social media?
Absolutely! However as part of the agreement you sign before your session takes place we do ask that you do not alter or on sell your images in any way, such as editing your images yourself using editing software or apps, submitting images for commercial use or crediting images to another photographer or photography company.

Can I receive the RAW files as part of my package?
We don't offer RAW files, only JPEGs, due to the large amount of data RAW files require on a USB. Also, RAW files can only be opened with certain kinds of software and are not suitable for printing or sharing on social media.

What do you do with our photos after the session?
We keep all of the images from the sessions for several months after they take place and then we delete them, to free up space on our server. We keep some photos to use for our online marketing when families give us permission to do so when booking their session. However we will never share your photos if you have stipulated that you don't want them to be shared.

My child didn't want to take photographs when we arrived at the location for our session. Can I have a re-shoot?
If children are extremely unhappy or unwell on the day of the session (not the day prior) we will do our best to reschedule a re-shoot session for a later date. However rescheduling depends on availability.

We do everything we can to make children laugh and capture as many photos as we can within the 30 minute mini session time frame, but we can't be certain what their expressions will be in the photos if they are uncooperative.

Do your photographers have Working with Children checks?
Almost all of our photographers have Working with Children checks and are experienced in photographing families and children of all ages. If you have children with special needs, feel free to tell us if you need our photographers to accommodate any sensory issues.

Can I book in for a session if I live outside of the area?
If we don't have any session dates open in your area, you can contact us to discuss further.

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